What reports can you extract from your visitor management system & why?

Visitor data and how you collect and store visitor information is all part of ensuring you pass your insurance and compliance audits.

Reporting based on manual sign in books can be extremely time consuming and inaccurate. With an automated visitor management system you can easily and accurately run the following reports;

  • Visitors Presence – view who is visiting whom, for how long, how frequent, and much more.
  • Contractor Presence – invaluable for matching time on site with invoicing.
  • Employee Presence – view who is on site in real time and historically.
  • Entry/Exit Questionnaire – set up custom questions for employee’s, contractors or visitors upon sign in and report to track the answers they have provided.
  • Deliveries – track and report electronically all courier deliveries for your location.
  • Evacuation – electronically run evacuations through the evacuation app and report on the details of the evacuation event; was everyone verified safe, the length of the event and any communication between the fire wardens.
  • Emergency alerts – send out instant messages to alert anyone on-site (or employees off-site) of a current emergency situation and report on who received these and when.

All reports within Visitor Management Systems are exportable to both excel sheets and pdf format.

Some customers have pulled data out through the API into much larger databases with even more powerful reporting like Microsoft Power BI, giving you the ability to do whatever you need with the data.

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