How to instantly alert everyone in the case of an emergency!

When an emergency unfolds, the reaction time and sending out a clear and brief message can save lives. One of the fastest ways to send a message today is via SMS.

Any effective emergency communication system (ECS) needs to include an effective way to communicate with everyone on-site and even those that may be due on-site.

Buildings such as hotels, high-rise, and college campuses in the US are required to have an Emergency Communication System (ECS) under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 and the International Building Code.

Visitor Management Systems has just released an instant messaging feature allowing one-off messages to be sent via SMS and/or email to the following;

  • Employees on-site
  • Employees off-site
  • Employees in a specific department, role type or selected employees
  • Visitors on-site
  • Contractors on-site, from a specific organisation or selected contractors

Mass messages may be useful for the following scenarios;

  • Notify everyone on-site of an emergency situation, e.g. active shooter
  • Needing to update employees and/or contractors about a policy change
  • An emergency effecting the surrounding ares e.g. severe weather warnings, cyclone or earthquake
  • Update staff to on-site hazards

The options are endless.

For more information on instant messages and other features of the Visitor Management System call now on 1300 800 077 or book in for a free online demonstration using the button below.