Contractor Inductions – Move your inductions online – 4 ways to make contractor inductions easier

Contractor inductions can consume a lot of time for key people in any business that requires lots of contractors. What if you could automate the induction process, what if there were 3 simple ways that you could get your inductions automated?

1/ Send your induction by email for contractors and employees to complete online – the easiest way to send contractors an induction.
2/ Send your induction by SMS to the persons mobile phone – perfect for when the contract or employee worker is standing directly in front of you, has not yet completed an induction and you need them to work
3/ Ask the worker to move to a kiosk in the corner of the office and complete the induction before commencing work – perfect where mobile reception is limited and you need the worker to complete the contractor or employee induction before they commence work.
4/ Set up your suppliers with access to an online portal and ask your supplier to send the induction to their employees before they send the worker to you – perfect when you are to busy to manage contractor inductions.

What about asking the workers to sign in and out their presence on-site? How good would it be to pull up workers who were non-compliant with expired inductions

What if you could be alerted to issues?



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