Integrations making Visitor Management more powerful!

By integrating Visitor Management with your other business tools they become even more powerful, delivering greater on and off-site safety and security.

Some existing visitor management integrations include;

Automatically create pre-registered visitors from any calendar event when organising a meeting using Outlook and Google Calendar. Giving your reception, lobby and security teams full visibility and notification of visitors coming on-site.



SyncPortal -Keep your employee information up to date and accurate. Use SyncPortal to sync your employee data (Active Directory) with your visitor management system.




Push or pull data from another cloud-based system using an API. Whether it be an access control system to collect employee presence for evacuation purposes or an existing larger contractor management system like Avetta, VaultIntel, DeltaTrak, SAP Fieldglass, VendorPedia, Resilinc, to connect with visitor management for compliance check upon sign in by contractors.


Use Webhooks to transfer data in real-time. Update your systems instantly, as soon as someone signs in or out of your organisation and connect visitor management to a huge range of third-party apps through Zapier.


Connect with Deputy and gain visibility of employees on-site in an emergency. Track employee’s starting and ending their shifts and sync this data with our mobile evacuation software so you can accurately and quickly verify an employee’s safety in an emergency.


Kronos Workforce Management Software integration is written specifically for each customer by Kronos, the most common reason to integrate is for employees that sign into Kronos go automatically into the evacuation reporting.


Great for manufacturing and construction – ensure everyone on-site is safe to work. Breathalyse employees and contractors as part of the sign-in process and use triggers to deny access to those over the limit.


Bring mustering, contractor and visitor management to your Brivo Onair access control. Ensuring you are only granting automated access to authorised individuals and can keep track of visitors and contractors at all times. Sync this data with our mobile evacuation software so you can accurately and quickly verify an employee’s safety in an emergency.


For higher security situations where every person signing in needs to be checked by security.




Integrations coming soon –  Vault Intel Enterprise


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