Where does your supplier information sit? Who checks contractor compliance?

Today there are many systems for just about everything you need to manage in business, only a few years ago there were a few versions of products for any 1 particular product range, today depending on your industry you could find dozens and dozens of potential products to solve your business needs including many from overseas. For example, I have been involved in employee time and attendance and scheduling for more than 20 years. I remember 20 years ago you could count all the suppliers on 10 fingers, and not one of them covered the globe. Today products like DEPUTY’s scheduling and workforce management cloud-based software are in more than 80 countries globally after starting out of very small offices in Sydney Australia with 5 employees just over 10 years ago.

Supply chain storage systems like every other software product on the market are now flooded with options. Many companies today now have their own internal supplier database with online portal asking potential suppliers and ongoing suppliers to load information about their company through these portals. Information like insurance, qualifications, contracts and more.

What is the single biggest issue with supplier databases today?

Just about every customer I talk to today with 20 or more locations nationally or globally has a supplier database of some sort, some companies are still running out of spreadsheets while most have a preferred supplier like Avetta, VaultIntel, DeltaTrak, SAP Fieldglass, VendorPedia, Resilinc, Sodexo who use Rapid Induct as the back end supplier database and many more.

The single biggest issue with all of these solutions is….

The single biggest issue with all of these solutions is there is no live automated check of the data when a contractor arrives on-site to commence work. Some systems today check the data with the purchase order process where a purchase order cannot be raised against a company that has expired insurance for example. This purchase order process does not stop a worker from any supplier coming in site to do some work. The majority of companies I talk to that have these extensive databases full of supply chain supplier information do not actually check live when a contractor signs into a location for any compliance issues. Some companies I speak with have a policy that every contractor who arrives on site must be manually checked against the large database by the engineering manager or maintenance manager or facilities manager.

Do you have one of these supply chain supplier databases full of supplier compliance information?

I have assisted many companies over the last decade to connect large supply chain supplier databases with small front end solutions that connect the presence on site of the contractor with the data kept in the large database ensuring every contractor that signs in on-site is checked live for compliance issues.

How easy is it to solve these issues?

The simplest solution today is to connect a low-cost visitor, contractor presence and compliance software at the front end of your large back end system.
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