Visitor Management Accessories Review – Printers, Scanners and more…

Setting up your Visitor Management sign in station can be as simple as a single touchscreen tablet and you are up and running but depending on what features you want to utilise will determine the hardware you will need to set up your sign in station.

Features to consider that may require additional hardware include the following;

  • Taking a photo of your visitor –  Hardware – in built camera or USB webcam
  • Printing visitor labels – Hardware – Label Printers
  • Scanning QR or Barcodes for quick and easy sign in and sign out – Hardware – USB or Mobile Scanners (with iPad’s you can utilise the internal camera to scan)
  • Utilising existing RFID Cards for quick and easy employee tap in and tap out – Hardware – RFID Readers
  • Printing permanent ID Cards for employees or regular contractors – Hardware – ID Card Printers

Visitor Label Printers

There are really two options here and one question; Does your sign in kiosk have USB ports? Yes, then a DYMO Label Printer will be compatible and if the answer is No, then you need a Brother  Label Printer with Wifi and Bluetooth connectibility.

Dymo Visitor Management Label Writer 450 and 450 Dual – Both connect with USB ports and The dual Twin Turbo visitor label printer allows you to include 2 roles of labels for the busiest reception ares.


Brother Visitor Management Label Writer QL-820NWB  – the option you need to select when using an iPad for your sign in kiosk due to the wireless and bluetooth connectibility. The other difference and stand out feature of this printer is the Auto Cut off function.


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