Visitor & contractor presence, compliance and evacuation software

Visitor Contractor Induction Evacuation software all in one product. Do you have people coming into your building signing in on paper visitor and paper contractor books? I have been into some buildings where there is a visitor sign-in book, a contractor sign-in book, an employee left access control card at home book, an employee from another office sign-in book. If you have any or all of these sign-in books in your business it is time to consider a single software solution that will assist you not just to sign in visitors, contractors, employees, delivery drivers and more.

Electronically signing in every person that comes into your building/s allows you to run accurate evacuation reports.

Visitors and contractors sign in their presence on-site, employees can sign in or have electronic time and attendance data imported into the software to allow the evacuation app to include all visitors, contractors, and employees who are on site.

Evacuation app is on the mobile device of all fire wardens to manage evacuation electronically. You can run manual paper evacuation reports however most customers prefer the electronic evacuation app.

Contractors when being on-boarded can complete detailed or simple online inductions. Suppliers can upload insurances, licenses and more through the online portal, every contractor that signs in automatically is checked against any compliance in the system including inductions, insurances, licences and more. Non-compliant contractors are stopped from signing in if there is any compliance issue