Contractor sign in and sign out to check invoices

One of the most common requirements for customers today managing contractors before any compliance comes into play like inductions, insurances, licenses and more is the simple sign in and sign out process.

I have been involved in Time & Attendance for more than 20 years and know wherever there is a manual timesheet system contractors generally are the winners at the end of the day. Some common examples include…

  • Contractor turns up at 7:05 but writes 7:00 – multiply this by thousands of contractors and it all adds up. 2000 contractors doing this once a week is 10,000 minutes paid to contractors for not working. If we paid the contractors $50 an hour this little 5-minute manual rounding could cost $8300 a week
  • Contractor leaves the site at 2:50 but puts in timesheet 3:00 – You can do the numbers, tens of thousands of dollars weekly for unpaid work.
  • Contractors always round with manual timesheets, 2 hours 30 minutes can quickly become 3 hours on an invoice

Need to start your contractors signing in and out so you can match invoices?

Run reports that can all be exported to either spreadsheets or pdf format

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