Pacific Group of Schools roll out Visitor Management System

In 2017 Pacific Hills Christian School reached out to Time & People looking for a solution to manage the presence of employees, visitors and contractors entering the school grounds. As part of their discovery they chose to start a 30 day free trial and since then they have not looked back.

Starting with Pacific Hills Christian School they have now implemented the Visitor & Contractor Management Software at New Hope School, Pacific Coast Christian School and Pacific Hope Christian School.

Here is their recent customer review;

How has the visitor management system assisted you at your School/s? 

Yes, the system has significantly reduced the time required to carry out roll calls for evacuation events.

It is also easy to explain and implement, which has resulted in a high take up rate for evacuation managers.

How has the system assisted you with you visitor and contractor management?

It has made the school look more professional from a visitor’s perspective and the automatic emails sent out by the system to staff expecting visitors is very handy.

Further, through the presence (or absence) of visitor badges, it allows staff to quickly identify if an unregistered visitor should be onsite (for child safety).

It has given us a means to verify the attendance of contractors.

How has the system assisted you with your employee management?

It has allowed us to more easily track down unrecorded leave.

What do you like most about the software?

Ease of use and implementation.

Visitor & Contractor Sign in Kiosk – iPad and scanner

Employee Sign in Kiosk – Employees simply scan in and out each day with bar-coded ID card.

For more information call 1300 800 077