Question of the day – Can visitor electronically sign a NDA?

Today’s Question from a long term visitor management customer – Can a visitor sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as part of the electronic sign in process at the kiosk?

Answer – YES

When people sign in at a location the experience is unique as not every location is the same. Therefore the sign in kiosk needs to allow for so many different scenarios;

  • Do you need to capture a photo?
  • Do you need to display an emergency evacuation map?
  • Do you need to ask any questions?
  • Do you need to stop a person signing in?
  • Do you need to ask expected time on site?
  • Do you need a NDA Agreement signed?

A customer needed every visitor to sign a NDA as part of their sign in process. This can be set up as part of a unique customer questionnaire.

The ‘waiver’ will be displayed for the person signing in to view, and below this will be an area for the person to sign with a digital pen or their finger.


Then there is an option to send a copy of the signed waiver to not only someone in your organisation but also the visitor themselves.

This can be sent to an email or mobile phone.

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