Orica select Time & People to implement an electronic visitor contractor management system

Orica like many corporate companies today discovered they had a mix of manual systems in place, to manage visitors and contractors signing in their presence on site, while some locations had older style electronic visitor management solutions to manage the presence and compliance of visitors and contractors. Orica needed to find a way to centralise the visitor and contractor processes across multiple locations while giving each location the ability to build out the software with location-specific requirements like inductions.

Typically inductions can be 30 to 40 pages long delivered manually to each contractor for companies like Orica, while the induction process is an important part of on-boarding contractors running manual inductions can be very time-consuming.  Moving to online inductions where a contractor can complete the induction before arriving on site will free up time on site.

Visitors meanwhile need to acknowledge a range of items prior to going on site.  Visitors are normally hosted so require less than a contractor who can be not hosted while on site.

Orica selected Time & People to implement the visitor and contractor management system initially at the Deer Park location in Victoria, joining other customers in Deer Park Victoria like Boral and Elgas.

The Deer Park location has been used since 1885 for various forms of manufacturing and storage of chemicals. The location is 15klms west of Melbourne and 11klms south west of Melbourne International Airport. The Deer Park location comes under Brimbank City Council who also use the visitor contractor management software to manage visitors and contractors to Brimbank city council locations.