Visitors, Contractors & Employees breath test with Alcolizer

I am excited to share the integration many industrial customers have been asking for is live in the visitor management integrations section and ready to turn on. The integration is now available for any customer who has a wall mounted Alcolizer and needs a breath test completed by any person who enters the site including visitors, contractors, and employees and then needs the results to come back into the visitor contractor management system stopping the person from signing in should the breath test fail.

Initially, the integration was built for the original wall mounted Alcolizer and quickly the strawless Centurion Alcolizer was included.

Simple to connect across the local network making it possible to still use an iPad as the contractor kiosk or you can connect a windows based PC with a serial connection.


Original Alcolizer – requires a straw                        Centurion Alcolizer – Strawless

Once the integration is set up visitors, contractors and/or employees will sign into the visitor contractor kiosk, answer the mandatory questions and then they will be asked to complete a breath test. Customers can set the tolerance for refusal of entry to any number they want, many will set 0.0 as this is the policy for many customers. Each breath test is recorded against the profile of the person in reports. A trigger is created to deny access based on the way the trigger is set up.

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