Visitor Management meets Webhooks

Webhooks while easy to set up still need some understanding especially if you are a newbie and have never set up a webhook before. Webhooks allow you to pull data out of the visitor management system as it happens, an API, for example, needs instructions on how to collect and how frequently to collect data and is always coded.

Webhooks allow you to push data live as it happens from the visitor management software into other systems without code. I can confirm I am a newbie to Webhooks however I have had some previous experience with Zapier and it only took me 2 minutes to create a webhook to pull visitor data out of the visitor management system into a Google spreadsheet with Zapier.

2 Minutes later and I had contractor data being pushed into a Google spreadsheet.

Now I have started to think about how I can take what I have learned in 4 minutes to how I can turn my LIFX lights on when the first employee signs into the building. I love my LIFX lights, every time an Uber gets 2 minutes away from the location the lights flash red 6 times thanks to Zapier. Webhooks are so much easier in visitor management than an API where coding is required.

I can see one of the most popular uses initially for webhooks with visitor management software is where we can push visitor or contractor or employee data into access control systems when a person signs in their presence on site, visitor and contractor data with a barcode/pin number can be pushed to the access control system allowing the visitor/contractor to scan the bar code or enter the pin number to open a door/gate/speedgate/turnstile.

Another popular request recently has been to push the visitor data collected into a CRM like Salesforce or Infusionsoft where the visitor data collected at the sign in kiosk can be pushed into the CRM for future marketing opportunities. Of course the guest must be asked for permission during the sign in process to allow the data to be sent into the CRM. Other programs include email programs like MailChimp. Effectively you can push data from the visitor management system into any other system in the world that has the ability to import data.

I would be keen to understand how visitor management with webhooks could assist you.


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