Contractor Management Start a 30 day trial

The easiest way to start a visitor management 30-day trial is to sign up for the 30-day trial, load your employee details into the system, set up a kiosk and sign in a visitor, I will bullet point the steps below

  • Manage Contractors presence on site across 1 or multiple locations
  • Manage compliance with insurances, licences, inductions and more
  • Check hours actually on site against invoiced hours
  • Customers include Public Schools to Virgin Australia!

Sign up for your 30-day trial – click here

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If you prefer to set up alone here are a couple of shortcuts to get you started quickly
Add employees manually – Tools>location and view your location>employees>add employees
Add employees with Active Directory Sync – Tools>Account>Employee Management> Sync Portal

Give yourself access to more included modules
Tools>Account>Add ons

Giver users permission to modules
Tools>User Roles>Manage Roles

Set up a kiosk on PC or iPad
Kiosk set up on PC – Tools>locations and view your location>Sign in/out kiosks>add new kiosk
Kiosk set up on iPad – Download iPad app “WolKiosk”

Sign in your first visitor

Questions – call
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+44 161 850 8954

Rest of the world
+61 2 8188 3749

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