3 reasons employees should sign in and out of a visitor management system

As the name suggests “Visitor Management System“, many customers have not given a lot of thought around employee sign in when looking for a visitor management solution.

An electronic sign in system is certainly an ideal solution for managing visitors coming on site but essentially the solution is designed to capture the presence of all people on-site including visitors, contractors and employees.

Many organisation already have an existing access control system in place but this data in not accurate for evacuation purposes as you can not stop other colleagues walking in after each other or more than one person in the car passing through a boom gate.

Here are some key reasons to start signing in and out your employee’s presence on site;

1 – Visitor can be notified that you (their host) are unavailable when they sign in if the employee has not yet signed in for the day and you the host will still get a message

2 – Evacuation is an important part of the visitor management system. When you capture the presence of all people on-site you now have one centralised database to run your evacuations from with real-time accurate data to safely verify everyone.

3 – Data can be used to push into payroll systems with API integration or report (and export to csv files) to match time on site with invoicing. Some customers have pulled the data through the API into products like Microsoft Power BI before sending the information into payroll systems.


3 Ways Employees can quickly sign in

1 – Mobile Phone App

2 – RFID Cards

3 – ID Cards with QR codes or Barcodes (as below)



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