Do you need help keeping track of company cars, keys, tools, laptops?

When completing a recent customer review for our Visitor Management System I was surprised to hear that their 2nd favourite feature was the “Asset Management” module. Most new customers are not looking for an electronic log for assets when they come to us with their initial requirements for Visitor Management but are always pleasantly surprised to find it’s an added feature available at no extra cost.

Visitor Managements Asset Management module makes it easy for your organisation to manage inventory of assets and takes the hassle away from tracking where they are and who had what when.

This automation is so helpful if you are currently issuing any of the following items to employees, visitors, contractors, or other people in a manual way;

  • Temporary access control cards
  • Keys (secured areas or cars)
  • Tools
  • Safety equipment and PPE gear
  • Laptops/iPads
  • Etc..

Another customer managing Student Accommodation is using this module to manage the hiring out of vacuum cleaners to their residents.


You can create as many asset types as you require and then have the ability to view the assets status.


The history of who had what when can be easily seen with reports that can be exported as a PDF or CSV file. Isn’t it handy to know who had the vehicle when a parking ticket arrives?

If you need help managing your assets and want more information call us now on 1300 800 077