Can Visitor Management software work on a PC?

When looking to implement a Visitor Management System there is really two main components you need to consider, one being the software and the other the hardware.

Is the software cloud based? Is the data stored in data centres within your country of origin? How secure is the data?

These are just some of the questions you will need to consider when looking into visitor management software. This information can be overwhelming to many and it is recommended you have someone in your IT Department overlook the finer details, security statements and SSL certificates. Is the product ISO approved?

Is the software limited to certain devices? Will these devices cater for different environments?

You will find that with many of the more recently developed Visitor Management Software systems and Apps are limited to only work on iPads. For Visitor Management software iPads can be a great option and offer some additional features very valuable to the visitor experience. However, with only an iPad and no other option you may incur some roadblocks like poor wifi connections, limitation on accessories such as RFID readers and scanners, IT approval where iPads are not part of the corporate hardware supply and the size of the unit also means you may need a unit bigger than an iPad.

Selecting Visitor Management Software that is compatible with multiple devices that can cater for different environments is ideal. It allows you the flexibility to use a range of products suitable to your specific organisation and location and in many cases can allow you to use existing hardware. I know how many times customers have come to us over the years explaining the iPad is in a poor wifi area and we can not do anything to improve the wifi, what else can we do?

Using a desktop computer (PC) you can allow your visitors to use your kiosk on a larger screen with a keyboard and mouse which could be a more user-friendly set up for industries with users less familiar with touchscreen technology. You can also connect additional accessories if required such as label printers, scanners and RFID readers. While touch screens are the most popular some customers still use keyboard and mouse today.

Other factors that can influence hardware selection is the environment. In a large reception area you may require a device with a more noticeable presence. An all in one freestanding visitor management kiosk may be best for this environment.


Central Coast Local Health District required a kiosk that would stand out and not be missed by contractors on arrival and they needed the kiosk to be separate from the reception area and therefore the all in one visitor kiosk was ideal for them. This kiosk comes complete with a 19′ touchscreen, camera for photo capture, inbuilt PC, industrial label printer and scanner. These units are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

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