Sunpork Fresh Foods Customer Review – Visitor & Contractor Management

Sunpork Fresh Foods reached out to Time and People mid 2018 looking for an electronic system to manage visitor sign ins over 3-4 locations, including their processing plant “Swickers”. Although the Visitor Management System product suite includes an extensive Contractor Management module where you can keep track of qualifications, inductions and insurances, this was not one of Sunporks requirements as they already had a system to manage contractors but it didn’t have a connection with sign ins.

Overtime and becoming familiar with the features and capabilities of the Visitor Management System Sunpork decided to move over the management of contractors to the Visitor Management System, allowing the system to automatically manage and check contractor compliance upon sign in. This included moving over all online inductions, qualifications and insurance and receiving automatic alerts when a non-compliant contractor tried to sign in.

Here’s what they had to say…….

How has the system assisted you in your business? 

Visitor Management System has helped us to keep up to date information of all visitors on site and helped to communicate quickly and clearly of their arrival.

How has the system assisted you with you visitor and contractor management?

The most noticeable way that this system has helped us is ensuring that all visitors and contractors inductions are up to date and relevant questions are being asked on arrival.

What do you like most about the software?

How easy the software is to use and prompt notifications.

What do you like least about the software?

The Achilles heel of the system is its dependants of the internet. If there was a way for the kiosk to “cache” a small number of uses then update when reconnected it would be desirable.

Any other comments?

This system has been and still is a pleasure to work with every day and I have received nothing but high remarks about it.

More on Sunpork Fresh Foods – The SunPork Group is dedicated to delivering the finest quality fresh Australian pork to market and are proudly Australian owned and operated. They operate from 37 sites located in the lush pasture lands of South East Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales, with their processing plant Swickers is based in Kingaroy, Queensland. Their quality pork is now in demand for Export, Wholesale, Food service and Retail sales customers.

For more information call on 1300 800 077