Increase customer satisfaction with Multi-Language Sign-in Kiosk

Organisation are under pressure to adapt to our ever changing multicultural society and with the help of technology and Visitor and Contractor Management Systems your visitors, clients, customers, partners abroad and contractors no longer need to be “lost in translation”.

You can now welcome your visitors in 8 eight different languages!

Your visitor can now select their native language when signing in allowing them to feel at ease with sharing private information as a translator doesn’t need to get involved. For this exact reason Parliament of Victoria had a mandatory need for Multi-Lingual Visitor Management Solution when selecting Visitor Management Systems for their Visitor Kiosk.

One of the main reasons organisations choose to implement a Visitor Management System is to pass on important information about safety on site and now allowing their visitors to easily select 1 of 8 languages adds a new level of safety and compliance to their workplace.

Before this new feature was released we had some customers mainly in Aged Care Facilities that translated their own “Custom Questions” within the software but now when setting up your Multi-Language Visitor Kiosk, the software will automatically translate any basic questions you add. You can then review and edit the auto-translated text.

If you are an existing Visitor Management System customer we are here to assist you in switching on this additional and free feature and if you are a new customer needing a Multi-Language Visitor Management Solution please contact us now.


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