Fresh Select Customer Review – Visitor Management

Fresh Select contacted Visitor Management System mid 2018 after undergoing renovations that resulted in them needing a solution for an unmanned reception. They needed a digital solution to greet visitors and contractors that included a short site induction, notify them of the visitor or contractor arrival and print of visitor labels. Stage 2 they will start moving over contractor compliance to the Visitor Management System to include any online inductions, insurances and qualifications so the system will do the automated compliance check upon sign in.

“Visitor Management System has made a huge difference in how we manage visitors and contractors coming in to our business.
We have unmanned reception and the Visitor Management System has assisted in managing the traffic with visitors into the system and simply check them in on arrival.
Visitor Management System is very user friendly easy to use and all visitors and contractors are very comfortable using the system.”
Melissa Terry, Fresh Select – February 2019

Unmanned Reception Set Up – iPad with secure desk top enclosure and label printer
Unmanned Reception Key Features – Custom branded sign in screen, visitor and contractor site inductions, visitor and contractor arrival notifications, prints visitor and contractor badge passes

More on Fresh Select – Headquartered in Melbourne’s Werribee South region, appropriately deemed the ‘salad bowl of Victoria,’ today Fresh Select are one of the largest lettuce and brassica farmers in Australia. They produce vegetables, namely broccoli, baby broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, Brussels sprouts, iceberg, cos lettuce and hydroponic lettuce, in both open field and protected cropping sites across Australia.


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