The end of plastic cards are we all going digital?

I used to carry a wallet with me where ever I went, over the past few years I have found myself carrying 3-4 plastic cards that look after all my needs, no need to carry cash anymore everything I need is just a tap away. With Apple Pay and Google Pay my needs to carry cards are almost non existent, soon the drivers licence will go digital into our smart device phone another card no longer needed to carry. I have not needed my Qantas card for a few years now. It is not long now and I will be completely digital, no cards required.

Marriott Hotel chain data breach
The recent issues in the past few days that has reported over 500 million customer records could have been compromised with the Marriott hotel chain breach signals the end of plastic cards and plastic card data being stored locally. Going digital means the key data is kept on your phone not in the servers of the hotel chain you decide to stay with. Recent GDPR rule changes mean the consumer now has much more control over their own data than ever before. You have permission now to say no you cannot hold my credit card data on file. You now have permission to give your credit card data when you want.

Credit cards go digital
Apple Pay & Google Pay are now challenging plastic credit cards where we can literally tap and go with no card required, many countries around the world are going digital including India and China. Stealing cash from a shop is no longer an option as cash has literally disappeared from mainstream consumers. New players in the market remove the need to have your credit card with you at all including ZipPay and AfterPay.

Driver licence goes digital
In NSW Australia the drivers licence is going digital, the hard plastic card will disappear and be replaced with a profile on your mobile phone. This digital drivers licence will also get you into clubs and night clubs.

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