Student Accommodation – How does visitor management help?

Student accommodation has exploded over the past 5 years. Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) at the end of 2017 included 71,645 beds as reported in the Savills 2017 Market Report on Student Accommodation across Australia. You can download a copy here  The report goes on to say how the key focus for all suppliers of student accommodation outside universities who have sufficient land to build more student accommodation is to find the right properties that can be purchased and refurbished or built from the ground up.

Over the next 4 years the report goes on to say 5,435 new beds will be created in Sydney while 16,294 will be created in Melbourne making Melbourne the real hot spot for Student Accommodation In Australia. A Major influence on this growth has been overseas students coming to Australia to learn at Australian Universities.

With Student accommodation in Australia and the UK through Birmingham University using Visitor, Contractor management software we have been lucky enough to be at the front of this growth curve. Our customers no matter which country have very similar requirements.

Presence and compliance management of people visiting the building – All of our Student Accommodation customers manage the presence and compliance of visitors and contractors which is very common to our entire customer database, something a little unique with student accommodation is the requirement to manage the issuance of items to the students that need to be returned. Examples include some customers actually renting out push bikes, a student can hire a push bike for a period of time and when the pushbike is returned a fee will be charged for the time used. Another example is vacuum cleaners, in a building with 700+ rooms the owners could buy 700 vacuum cleaners and put one in each room, another clever option is to hold 10 vacuum cleaners downstairs to lend or hire to students as required.

All of these assets that when issued all had to be returned historically were managed by a manual book, sticky notes etc. Generally as we have discussed this area of Student Accommodation it is clear historically the management of the issuance and the return of the item was never handled as well as it could have been. The simply solution included in the Visitor contractor management software is an assets module designed to assist with the ongoing electronic management of items issued to the students that are expected to be returned.

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