Visitor Management turnstiles and speed gates

One of the more popular requests these days for integrations is to integrate the visitor management system with access control systems. When asked we always share that integration to an access control system really only works if you have turnstiles or speed gates.

Why integrate your visitor management system with access control?

Number 1 reason is to have all the employee on site registered in the evacuation module. Problem is one person can swipe and open a door and 3 people can walk through the door behind the person that swiped not registering their presence on site in the evacuation module because they did not swipe the access control card on the way through. Unless your time and attendance and payroll is linked to the swiping of the access control points this type of integration is set to fail for the intended purpose.

The only way to get the data as accurate as possible for evacuation is to have people swipe at a turnstile or single file speed gate.

Construction sites, manufacturers and many other organisation do use turnstiles while many buildings have speed gates, for the best evacuation data you should only integrate your visitor management system with your access control system if you have turnstiles or speed gates.

Anyone can integrate there access control system with there visitor management system provided the access control system has the ability to push and pull data, with API’s and web hooks integrations have become easier than ever before. Why integrate your access control system with your visitor management system if the data is not consistent?

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