Want to know when an employee or contractor enter a particular area, room or building?

Visitor and Contractor Management requirements can be a lot more involved than just knowing who is on-site and off-site at any particular time. Many organisations need to track the movement within a building or location for many reasons and this can be done by creating zones.

Zones are a way of breaking up your location into specific areas or buildings for many purposes including;

  • track who is in what area at any time
  • evacuate a specific area or building
  • create secure zones with limited access

In order to know when an employee or contractor enters a different zone they need to “switch zones” using an Inter-zone Kiosk. Each kiosk can be set with different questions based on the requirements of the zone they are entering. Some may include;

  • A Freezer Room could have time restrictions, if that time is exceeded a trigger can be fired to alert a superior
  • Server Room could have restricted access and not permit certain people to enter
  • Chemical Laboratory may require additional qualification or inductions and stop certain people entering
  • Custom Questionnaires/inductions can be different for each zone

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