Linking Visitor Management with Contractor Compliance

When managing contractors the duty of care falls on the organisation to keep them safe and secure when working in any of their locations or sites. In the past certificates, licences, qualifications, insurances and induction were all manual with many paper forms to complete. Now there is a great range of online options to assist organisations in managing and storing all these details digitally.

The link that isn’t always there is when the contractor arrives on-site who is checking these documents are complete and up to date? They may have been given a card or certificate when completed but who is checking this is still valid?

This is where linking a visitor management system with contractor management comes in to play! An automated visitor management system can do all the required checks for you when the contractor signs ins;

  • Check any required qualification/licence has been uploaded and is valid
  • Check any required induction has been completed and is valid
  • Check all insurances have been uploaded and are valid
  • Notify you when any required qualification, induction or insurance has expired
  • Notify you when you need to be notified ie. high risk work, lone workers still onsite, not permitted access

Reporting – having your contractors sign in allows you to track and measure presence on-site and run detailed reports on information including time on site to match with invoices, insurance, qualification and induction details (like upcoming renewal dates or expired records).

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