WolGuard – Security Guard Employee & Contractor Management

As part of the Visitor Management System you have access to a great application called WolGuard. Essentially allowing the collection of mobile data for contractors, employees and vehicles.

It can be used for signing people into and out of a location, and switching them between zones within a location.

WolGuard allows guards or security personnel the ability to spot check a contractor, employee or vehicle on the location with photo verification.

Using WolGuard you can;

  • Know who is on-and-off site, which zone they are in and which access point they have entered and exited through
  • Work on or offline depending on where your Guard or Security Team are located
  • Easily scan employees and contractors on and off site
  • Who is moving between locations and zones

Some examples include:
Construction Companies – easily spot check any person or vehicle on your job site for compliance
Wind Farms – Due to the very nature of the size of wind farms
Schools – Spot check any contractor on the spot to confirm they should be in your school
Mine Sites – Fly in and fly out contractors can easily be checked in and out in large numbers
Remote locations – Any remote location where you cannot set up a normal kiosk for checking people in and out
and you need a mobile solution including concerts, outdoor theatres
Moving large numbers of people – perfect for checking people on and off buses in large numbers

*WolGuard is a paid add-on. Please enquire for pricing and more information