Why Integrate Access Control with Visitor Management?

It has been some time since I have written about integration with an access control system, I last wrote about some of the limitations here.

There are 2 popular reasons customers want to integrate visitor management systems with access control

1/ Evacuation – Customers want all employees who have signed in through the access control system in the evacuation reports with visitors and contractors. Most common collection points are speed gates and turnstiles
2/ Bar code entry for visitor – A visitor pass is produced out of the visitor management software with a bar code or QR code, the code can be used on a speed gate to let the visitor in.

Why integrate access control with Visitor Management? – The most common reason a company wants to integrate the access control data into the visitor management system is for evacuation. Some of the most common issues with creating the integration with the access control system though include tail gating and normally in an access control system unless security is very tight or there is a turnstile or speed gate involved it is almost impossible to have accurate data for evacuation, one person swipes and opens a door and three walk through. If an employee swipes in at the start of the day to get into the building but at the end of the day the door is auto open for anyone to walk out without swiping then an exit is not recorded in the access control system meaning the employee even though they have left the building they remain registered as onsite for evacuation purposes. Easiest way to eliminate this issue is with single file turnstiles and speed gates.

Large buildings with multiple tenants often have speed gates installed set up for single entry in and out of the building, this data is the most accurate.

Why integrate Time & Attendance with Visitor Management? – Time & Attendance data is much better than access control data, at least the quality of the data is better, normally an employee will sign in and out with the Time & Attendance system, the most common issue with time & attendance data coming into visitor management software for evacuation is salaried staff do not normally sign in and out with a time & attendance system, this is where the access control data from turnstiles or speed gates work best where all employees tap in and tap out of the building. We have a nice integration with Deputy scheduling software if you are a Deputy customer.

No matter what you need to integrate with today’s systems make it easier than ever before to integrate products with API’s and WebHooks

Last year an integration was made with Brivo Access Control, Brivo is a cloud based system for access control with more than 30,000 customers globally, customers include Century 21, Docusign, Cumulus Media and Apple Tree School.


Current Integration with the Visitor Management System include….