Top 4 Visitor Management Kiosk’s

When deciding on what style of visitor management kiosk you want it’s not just all about the look and budget you need to consider the following;

What functions do you want it to do?

  • Take a photo of your visitor
  • Print visitor labels
  • Scan barcodes/QR codes
  • Inductions for visitors/contractors
  • Scan in employeesWhen you know the above you can than narrow down the kiosk selection. If you want your employees to tap in/out with RFID cards, print visitor labels and take photos you now know you need a device with a camera and multiple USB ports for the accessories like a printer and RFID reader.

No matter which Kiosk you choose, how many Kiosks you choose, or which combinations of Kiosks you choose, they are all compatible with the Visitor Management System software.  

Here are some of our top selling options;

#1   iPad Set Up 

This is our most commonly selected package as it’s low cost, has a small footprint and you can take advantage of the inbuilt camera for photo capture and scanning barcodes and QR codes at no extra cost. You choose from 3 styles of desk or wall mount iPad enclosures and all can be bolted down and available in 7 different colours. Along side sits a label printer (Brother QL820NWB) if you want to print visitor labels.

3 Styles – Sphere, Tilt and Curve

The Sphere enclosure (far left image) is tough and heavy enough to be free-sitting and you can also bolt it down if needed and has built-in cable management for a cable free look.
The software has an app for the iPad kiosk.


#2   Free Standing 19″ Touchscreen All in One Kiosk

The carefully considered design includes tamper-resistant features with no external screws and the key-lockable access doors give you full access to all components. This allows for easy self-maintenance of components, changing of print media, and the possibility to retro-fit with additional peripherals if future requirements change.



  • Australian design and manufactured with 3 years warranty
  • 19” commercial grade touchscreen with PCAP 10-point multi-touch technology. Built-in stereo speakers and high defination webcam
  • Key lockable access doors
  • Integrated 2D barcode scanner and Integrated Citizen industrial label printer with 500 labels per roll and auto-cutter
  • Custom logo on front of kiosk
  • PC shelf (can be supplied if needed)


#3  19″ Touchscreen Kiosk – Desk or Wall Mount

Beautiful edge to edge glass with a silver trim, manufactured specifically as a touch screen with toughened glass and rugged design with front sealed for water and dust resistance enabling easy cleaning and care. Very popular for reception desk sign in. With this screen you can provide your own PC and add on many accessories like a camera, scanner and printers.


#4   All in One – 17″ Touchscreen

Designed to look good while working well, with multi-point PCAP touch this 17” screen is perfect for a desktop environment. Mounted to the back of the unit is a mini-PC including a total of 4 USB ports, wifi and bluetooth technology, zero noise chassis and Windows 10.  Unit with mini PC attached to back of unit. Ideal when using scanners and/or RFID readers with multiple USB ports.

Kiosks can do more than you think! Customers are now using visitor management system to open locked doors on a successful sign in and perform a breathalyser test on contractors and employees before starting work.

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