Visitor & Contractor Management – Customer review from Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is one of the world’s largest wine companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Everything they do is dedicated to realising their vision of becoming the world’s most celebrated wine company.

A leader in the global wine industry employing over 3,400 people across the world, with over 70 award winning brands, sold to more than 70 countries and access more than 13,000 planted hectares of owned and leased vineyards in internationally recognised regions.

TWE first implemented the Visitor Management System (VMS) in 2015 at one location as all procedures were manual and paper-based. They needed better processes for security on site and contractor management. They now have 8 sites using the system and plan to roll it out to many more.

Here is what they have to say…….

How has the system assisted you in your business? 

VMS now has a big part of this business, and its growing in TWE. If you look at other sites numbers are getting bigger and I’m also helping other areas with everything we use here. I believe we are using all the features of the system and it’s working great. Easy to use, easy to monitor and the best software I have ever used. After speaking to Peter from Time and People, I am now working on future projects and developments within the software.

How has the system assisted you with you visitor and contractor management?

This is the best part. Easy to check compliance documents, training, inductions, qualifications and all connected with our boom gates.  It took a lot of time to setup but it’s easy to manage on the computer or kiosk. VMS and Boom gates work automatically, VMS works with our security system putting employees onsite or offsite. This here was a huge time savings for security guards. When contractors sign in on kiosk, they read quick slides of our emergency details and site map.

Any contractors compliance expired, VMS will keep us up to date and send us an email.

Induction and training and qualification is the big thing at TWE and this is getting managed greatly by VMS .

What do you like most about the software?

Software is easy to use, as you know I love this software. Once we add all the details then setup triggers, expired dates, induction or training renews, VMS will manage it for us. If we didn’t have this software, the company would have to hire someone to look after all this visitors and contractor, documents and more.


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