Visitor Management – Top 6 New Feature Releases for 2019

As we head towards the end of yet another busy year I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some great work by our development team throughout the year that will assist you in 2019.

With the following statistics we receive hundreds of customer requests for changes and enhancements and the below feature releases are the results from some of the requests.


  • Inter-Zone Kiosks – Set up Kiosks that sign people into and out of specific areas within your locations.
    Example of a real customer issue resolved – When an employee moves from one area (zone) to another that requires a set of additional questions to be answered (used for freezer rooms, high risk areas, high security rooms).
  • Kiosk Question Rules – Customise what questions are asked at your Kiosk based on the area a person is signing into/out of and what Kiosk is being used. This includes Inter-zone Kiosks and standard sign in/out Kiosks.
    Example of a real customer issue resolved – Visitors signing in at the warehouse needed a different induction to visitors signing in at the main office.
  • GDPR Compliant – Strengthen your visitor data privacy policies with new features released to help you comply with GDPR.
  • Visitor Question Option – This feature was highly requested by our customers. The improvements to the Basic Visitor Questions give you the option to allow visitors to skip the organisation question or disable completely.
    Example of a real customer issue resolved – many in the aged care and education industries did not need to ask a visitor “Where they were from?” ie. organisation as they were family members or parents and not from an organisation. This previously mandatory question is now optional.
  • Push Notifications – Unlimited Push Notifications come with all plans and can be used to notify employees of visitor and service provider arrivals. They are another way to send a notification to an employee that a visitor or service provider is on-site, unlike a SMS notification they do not incur a send cost.
    Example of a real customer issue resolved – customers with many employees and therefore a high number of visitors were previously incurring additional fees using more than their allocated SMS credits.
  • SyncPortal Integrations – Now you can sync your employee information in your Visitor Management System with any third-party employee database system that has the ability to integrate.
    Example of a real customer issue resolved – Manually managing employee updates with spreadsheets is painful, automating these processes is the only way to go in the 20th century.


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