Easily add checklists into your visitor contractor management system

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Customers continue to ask for more from their visitor, contractor management system. I have seen over the past few months a positive increase in the amount of customers who need to get some checklists into the visitor contractor management software. Traditionally the lists have been paper generated, stored in a cupboard or filing cabinet, sometimes scanned and kept on a PC hard drive, spreadsheets are also very popular. No matter where the information was kept traditionally reporting was almost impossible. One customer in the last month sent 30 spreadsheets through pleading for a better solution.

Some recent examples include….

Daily checklist where every day multiple checklists are mode for multiple pieces of equipment, the checklists are created each day and the information is stored, there is so much data it is not possible to run reports.

Spreadsheet training checklists where a trainer must check off each training item to confirm the training has been completed for each topic.

Driver Declaration where a driver needs to confirm they understand the load they are carrying, they understand the weight of the load, they confirm they have had the correct rest prior to the trip so not to exceed the legal driving limit. What if you could move this type of checklist from paper to electric

What if these checklists went digital and you could report on the data easily, What if you could automatically stop a person signing in if they answered the question incorrectly putting themselves and others in danger. What if you could do all of this within your existing visitor contractor management system?

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