How many reception staff should you have per 100 visitors?

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I was asked last week what is the correct number of reception staff at the reception desk based on the number of daily visitors, it was one of those questions I had to dig deeper to find some answers for….The conversation was based on 100 visitors a day. I was asked did we have any data on what is best practice. I shared even if we did have the number of reception staff on file for our customers things change and the data would be outdated quite quickly.

So lets break down 100 visitors a day…

100 visitors a day if we break it down could average out over 7 hours as about 14 visitors an hour, I know there are times where you will have many more than 14 and times when you will have less, working on the average though of 14 an hour this break downs to 2-3 every 10 minutes. This is a good constant flow of traffic. I would imagine with a visitor management kiosk you could easily handle 100 visitors a day with 1 receptionist based on these numbers.

I can share some customers with this volume of 100 visitors a day have 1 receptionist and some have two, I know of some customers that do not have a receptionist at all at the front desk, they have been moved back into accounts or admin, as I think about specific customers, if the receptionist has work to do outside of dealing with visitors that is not time critical then the day can be filled easily between visitors with other work. I have seen some reception staff have much more time to deal with couriers where lots of parcels are involved as the visitors are self serving on the visitor kiosk, as you know once the visitor signs in the host gets a message to say they have arrived.

If the receptionist has no other work outside of managing visitors and after installing the visitor management system the workload decreases for the receptionist then they could be moved into an area of the business where there asset of time could be used better.

I was at a customer location today where the receptionist could see the names of the visitors as they signed in and out on her dashboard and used this information to engage the visitor more by speaking to them using the first name of the visitor after they signed into the visitor management kiosk.

While writing this blog I thought I may set up a survey just to see what people have set up in their office, how many visitors a day do you have and how many reception staff?

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