Pop up events need contractor management

Pop up events can require large work forces to complete large amounts of work in short periods of time. A car race for example can be built into city streets like the Melbourne Grand Prix, Monte Carlo Grand Prix – Circuit De Monaco and the granddaddy of all street circuits is, of course, Monaco: quite literally as it’s been running since 1929.

These events pop up for a weekend of racing and can take weeks and months to build out and weeks to pull down after the event. Typically thousands of contractors can be used for these pop up events all of which need to be managed through inductions, contractor compliance and more.

Some projects we have worked on over the past few years include…..

St George open air cinema is hosted annually on Sydney Harbour with the most amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. As the sun sets a three story high screen is raised from what looks like the ocean. The 2000 seat grandstand complete with surround sound gives St George Open Air Cinema the status of most amazing cinema.

Cinerent Open air Pty Ltd selected Time & People to provide visitor, contractor and induction management software for the presence and compliance of visitors, contractors and employees.

Opera Australia Opera on the harbour is hosted annually at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair with the most spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as a back drop.

In 2015 Opera Australia came to Time & People looking for an electronic visitor and contractor management solution to manage hundreds of contractors for Opera on the Harbour. Opera Australia had previously managed the event manually. The next event was in March 2016 at the time. Once of the biggest issues Opera Australia had with the manual system was the management of Assets, in this case items issued to contractors that had to be returned daily or at the end of the event, items that cost from $20 to $1500 for a radio. I believe the assets module in the visitor contractor management software was key to Time & People being selected to provide an electronic cloud based visitor contractor management solution that also provided induction management for online inductions.


Puccini’s La Bohème – this amazing stage production was set over the waters edge on Sydney Harbour 2018

Each year there is a different story to tell, here are some of the Opera on the Harbour since 2013

2019 will be West Side Story
2018 was La Bohème
2017 was Carmen
2016 was Turandot
2015 was Aida
2014 was Madam Butterfly
2013 was Carmen

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend Turandot in 2016 and while not being a huge opera fan I loved the night as did my daughter.

Do you need to manage large volumes of contractors in short periods of time with contractor inductions and compliance?

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