Who needs anonymous Visitor data? Do you?

Several months ago major changes were made to the software for the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Effectively a legal requirement was made to give people a choice about their own data, in our case if you were a visitor to a building throughout Europe you could opt out of your personal details being kept. The decision fell to the individual not the corporation.

I never envisaged this functionality would be used in other countries where no legal requirement had been made. That is until a customer outside Europe asked can we automatically remove all of the data from the database after 48 hours….I immediately thought of the work that went into the GDPR, I thought of the functionality that was built for the GDPR that would now solve another customer problem in another country.

So how do we anonymize the data? It is quite simple really, you can set a setting in the software to automatically turn data into anonymized data. Once anonymized you can no longer see the details including the name of the visitor, name of the company or who the visitor was visiting.

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