Visitor Management one touch sign in for visitors


Customers ask “Can visitors sign in quickly?” and “Can a visitor sign in with one touch?” The answer is Yes, however for this to work we do need to do a little bit of background work prior to the visitor arriving.

Pre-registration of a visitor (as individuals or groups) can be done in advance with your outlook or google calendar and is the easiest way to set up a visitor for one touch sign in.

When a visitor is pre-registered all of their details are entered into the system in advance automatically sending an email to the visitor if you turn on the feature to send a QR code. The email that goes to the visitor includes much more information like the address, a map, details about the host including contact numbers, parking instructions including links to parking stations to pre book in advance saving on parking fees.

Other items that can be included in the email to the visitor when they are pre-registered include evacuation information, address and contact numbers for local cafes, hotels, airports and taxis.

When the visitor arrives on site they can scan the QR code using the camera of an iPad or with a connected USB or wireless QR Code scanner to a desktop visitor management kiosk. QR Code scanners can also be included in free standing kiosks.


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