Not All Visitor Management Systems are created equal….

Are you looking for a Visitor Management System for your organisation?

One of the first things you need to know is that they are not all the same and when comparing systems, as the saying goes “it’s like comparing apples with oranges”

Top Visitor Management Features to look out for;

  • Evacuation module including mobile application
  • Secure data stored locally
  • Cloud based solution, no software to install allowing you to deploy and manage multiple locations, anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with a variety of hardware options – iPads, tablets, PC’s
  • Integrates with calendars to pre-register visitors
  • Mobile dashboards to see who is onsite at any location from anywhere
  • Has a powerful reporting component for people presence
  • Offer obligation free trial
  • SMS/Email/Push Notifications upon host arrival, expired qualifications, inductions and insurances – are they free? are they unlimited?
  • Contractor Management where you can build inductions, store and manage qualification and insurances
  • Service Provider Portal that allows your contractors to upload their own qualification and insurances
  • Induction Management – build inductions for contractors and employees
  • The ability to sign in everyone coming onsite – visitors, contractors and employees
  • Watch for hidden costs to have all features included
  • Local customer support  and 24/7 help desk without extra fees
  • API capabilities to leverage visitor and customer data with external applications
  • Integrations with other systems ie. access control or time and attendance

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