How to manage employees working off-site and after hours?

There are many reasons including advances in technology and job roles in remote areas that we now see many employees working outside of the traditional office settings and outside of the traditional 9 to 5 office hours.

Accountability for their safety and security, their actual hours working and at what location can be a challenge for any organisations to manage.

Imagine if you could sign in to a selected location or zone, be included in evacuation lists and update your Geolocation all from your mobile phone.


With Visitor Management Systems, WolMobile App employees can;

  • Sign in to their home base location – tagging themselves on-site using their mobile phone
  • Sign out – tagging themselves off-site using their mobile phone
  • Sign in to another location if they have Global Roamer rights
  • Update their current Geolocation if they are offsite
  • Be notified of any Acknowledgement Notice such as a hazard warning that they must acknowledge. A great feature for compliance as you now have a record of the acknowledgement.
  • Report users can run an employee presence report and see who is where, when they signed in/out including a geolocation map to pinpoint their location
  • Evacuation reports are updated for the respective location in real-time.

One of the biggest issues the WolMobile App solves is that you now have real-time data to report on when matching invoices with on-site hours, including geolocation maps.

WolMobile is one of several apps and features within the Visitor Managament System Software.

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