Top 5 problems with Visitor Management software systems solved!

Number 1 – Visitor cant find their name when signing out after earlier signing in.

The Problem
This is the number one issue with all visitor management systems, the visitor signs in, misspells or accidentally does a typo when entering their name, when they go to sign out they are unable to find their name as they enter the correct spelling, frustrated the visitor may feel like the visitor management system is not working, not a good impression with your visitors.

The solution

  • Pre register and send a bar code to the visitor in an email in advance that can be used to sign in.
  • Add a bar code scanner to the visitor kiosk so the visitor can just scan the visitor pass printed on arrival when they leave…..problem solved.


Wolpass – is a corporate style email that can go out to pre registered visitors.

Number 2 – Reception cant see who is coming into the building – Pre Registration

The problem
People come and go into the building, reception/security guards or any one front facing the public is unable to see who is coming on site, who is on site and who has left site

The solution

  • Pre registration of visitors gives visibility to reception, security guards, admin staff of who is expected on site.
  • Dashboards give easy visibility of who is on site while an evacuation app can assist you to manage the evacuation process managing all on site (see image below).
  • Easy to run reports will give you historical reporting on people who have visited the location in the past.
  • Get a message when the visitor leaves site so you know they have gone.

Number 3 – Higher security on entry 

The problem
Visitors can walk into a building, get a visitor pass and the host has not yet met with the visitor. This leaves the visitor to wander with a visitor pass.

The solution
The visitor pass does not print until the host comes to collect the visitor activating the release of the visitor pass.

Number 4 – Employee unable to be a host in another building!

The problem
Employee host goes to another building in another county, state or country and is unable to be included in the visitor management system for visitors to select as a host. I have seen some customers using visitor management systems we replace have employees manually entered into the software in multiple buildings, can you imagine how much work this would take to manage let alone the confusion with the same name in the database multiple times!

The solution
Having the ability to flag an employee based at head office that has meetings in other locations like Sydney, New York in the database solves this issue instantly. Once flagged the employee can host meetings at any locations in the database allowing visitors to choose the hosts name in New York even though they are based in Melbourne Australia.

Number 5 – I have to manually add and remove new employees!

The problem
I have been in buildings where existing systems are in place with 300 employees in the office and reception manually adds and removes 1-2 employees daily. I spoke to one company with 4000 employees across 12 locations where one person was manually updating all the locations with all employee movements daily…what a nightmare

The solution
You can simply set up an active directory (AD) connection that will automatically pull information from your internal employee databases

I know we had 5 but we have a 6th that is massive and impacts more than half of our customers globally…..

Number 6 – My data must be stored in my country.

The problem
Many customers come to us and ask what country the data is stored in, many systems today have data stored centrally in USA, UK or Canada. Customers need the data stored in the country of choice.

The solution
We are lucky enough to give our customers the choice of which country the data is stored in. If you are based in USA then the data will go onto the USA servers, if you are in Australia then you will go onto the Australian servers, Canada onto the Canadian servers and so on. If your head office is in Canada but you have locations globally you can have all the data stored in Canada for all locations or break down the databases for each country. The choice is yours.


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