Visitor Management – Customer Review from PayPal Australia

PayPal Australia came to Time & People as they needed to create a better emergency response plan and thought implementing a Visitor Management System that incorporated an Evacuation Module would be a great place to start. Their current system was very old and they needed a system to sign in visitors and contractors, pre-register visitors and send an email notification to the host when the visitor arrives. They also mentioned they were currently doing manual employee inductions so the included online induction module was of great interest to them.

Here is what they had to say following a recent review;

  • How has Visitor Management assisted you in your business?
    • Reception has noted a significant drop in the amount of time they need to spend signing visitors in.
    • Staff are appreciating the notifications they are getting as they don’t have to wait around the reception for guests to show up. Now they can continue working until they get a notification.
  • How has Visitor Managemner assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?
    • Other than the reduced time in signing in visitors and contractors, it has also allowed me to remove several documents and programs I was using for record keeping purposes.
  • What do you like most about Visitor Management?
    • I am really enjoying the reporting system. Having that information on hand has reduced the amount of time I spend at the end of each month collating data. It has also allowed me to identify certain trends with respect to staff activity. I intend to use this later in the year.
  • What do you like least about Visitor Management?
    • I would like the system to allow me to set up an asset management system whereby a staff member can request a temporary pass via email. Currently I can’t integrate WoL into our global systems. This would be an effective get-around for me.
  • Please feel free to give any other feedback you feel is important to the improvement of the product and our services for you and for future customers
    • The system is working great. I have plans for it in the future to further streamline processes at PayPal.


PayPal selected two iPads with Armodilo Curve stands to assist with their high volume of visitors.

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