Top 5 problems with visitor management software systems solved!

After nearly 9 years I have compiled the top 5 problems with existing visitor management systems or manual visitor books.

Number 1 – Visitor cant find their name when signing out after earlier signing in.

The Problem
This is the number one issue with all visitor management systems, the visitor signs in, mis-spells or accidentally does a typo when entering their name, when they go to sign out they are unable to find their name as they enter the correct spelling, frustrated the visitor may feel like the visitor management system is not working, not a good impression with your visitors.

The solutions
  1. Pre register and send bar code to visitor in email in advance that can be used to sign in
  2. Add a bar code scanner to the visitor kiosk so the visitor can just scan the visitor pass printed on arrival when they leave…..problem solved.
  3. You can add a unique number to your visitor pass, the visitor can simply type the visitor pass number to sign out….problem of mis-spelled name solved
  4. Reception. admin and security staff can manually sign out visitors also.

Number 2 – Reception cant see who is coming into the building – Pre Registration

The Problem
Reception, security or admin staff are unable to see who is coming into the building including VIP’s. Any manual system and some electronic visitor management systems do not have the ability to pre register visitors coming to the location. I have walked into many businesses where spreadsheets and emails are used to keep front desk people aware of who is due to come into the building.

The solutions

1/ Pre register individual or small groups of visitors with your existing outlook or google calendar, could not be any easier
2/ Pre register large groups with the pre registration module that allows for a spreadsheet to be populated with all the data required for the visit.

Each of these options will give full visibility of who is due to arrive on site. Each of these options can auto send an email to the visitor that includes address, map, parking instructions and more.

Number 3 – Higher security on entry – include option for host to print pass on arrival

The Problem
Increased security around the world has seen some visitor management systems include features that take security to a whole new level. Nearly all electronic visitor management systems will print out a visitor pass, anyone can walk up to a visitor management kiosk, sign in and print a visitor pass. The question in some businesses is does a printed visitor pass allow a visitor to have access to your building? We have a group of customers who do not want to allow a visitor to sign in and print their own visitor pass.

The Solution
With a very cool feature turned on the visitor pass does not print until the host arrives to authorize the printing of the visitor pass at the visitor management kiosk. What this cool feature unlocks is no visitor can be in your building with a visitor pass without the host being aware.

Number 4 – Employee unable to be a host in another building!

The Problem
Employee host goes to another building in another county, state or country and is unable to be included in the visitor management system for visitors to select as a host. I have seen some customers using visitor management systems where employees are manually entered into the software in multiple buildings, can you imagine how much work this would take to manage?

The Solution
Another very cool feature allows an employee to be given permission to host meetings in some or all buildings, for example if Bob worked in Sydney and traveled to New York on arrival in New York Bob’s name would be in the visitor management system for visitors in New York to select Bob as the host of a meeting.

Number 5 – I have to manually add and remove new employees!

The problem
I have been in buildings where existing systems are in place with 300 employees in the office and reception manually adds and removes 1-2 employees daily. I spoke to one company with 4000 employees across 12 locations where one person was manually updating all the locations with all employee movements daily…what a nightmare, surely in today’s world with today’s technology we can be much smarter than this.

The Solution
You can simply set up an active directory (AD) connection that will automatically pull a set amount of employee information. Some electronic systems today still do not have an active directory integration.

Need to solve some of these problems in your business? Book in a 15 minute system review and lets discuss your existing visitor management systems including visitor books.