Daylight Saving ends Sunday 1st April 2018 in Australia

Strangely enough we get asked about daylight saving but how does Daylight saving impact visitor management? The answer lies in questions received around pre registration of visitors to a building where customers need to know that times set in calendars automatically compensate the changes to day light saving.

It is a great question. Looking online it was only as recently as 2011 when people were writing to Apple saying the daylight savings setting on their phone were incorrect and answers to the problem were you need to manually reset daylight saving time. Moving forward a few years and calendars today automatically adjust for daylight saving no matter how far forward you go forward in a calendar to make a booking.

So when does daylight saving end this year?

Daylight saving time 2017 in New South Wales began at 2:00 am on

1 October
and ends at 2:00 am on Sunday 1 April 2018
All times are in Eastern Australia Time.
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