Still Managing Paper Inductions?

I am amazed every week as I find more companies still managing inductions on paper consuming hours of wasted time collating all the information followed by updating manual systems with the results only to discover the renewal of the induction is rarely managed inline with the expiration of the actual initial induction date. It is a little bit like paper time sheets today, why would you use a paper time sheet today when so many good products like Deputy are on the market allowing you to move completely away from paper time sheets into an electronic solution that will buy you back many hours weekly.

I have been into many businesses where I am unable to enter the building until I complete a paper induction, first I have to wait for a person to be available to take me through the manual paper induction process. I have waited for up to 30 minutes for the appropriate staff member to be available and only then I can start the manual paper induction. What is very interesting is the very first question I am asked….”Have I completed an induction here in the last 12 months” What a loaded question and how would I remember? I think to myself if I say yes I have completed a paper induction in the last 12 months will I get in quicker because I will not have to do the induction?

Turns out even though all the results of the paper inductions are entered into a spreadsheet no one checks the spreadsheet, the only check is being asked if I have completed the induction in the past 12 months so my options are to lie, not know the answer or just do the induction because it is the best way forward.

Move forward to today and electronic inductionsHow much time would you save if your inductions were electronic and how much would you improve the compliance at your location if you no longer had to check expiry dates, what if a system could do this for you?

Many customers select our visitor management system initially to manage the presence and compliance of visitors on one or more locations. Often contractors also sign into the locations requiring even more compliance. Many customers are surprised to find modules like online inductions in the software giving more functionality that initially sort while solving some of the most laborious jobs in the business…managing paper manual inductions.

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