Visitor Safety – Prepare your visitors visit with a visitor induction

When a visitor enters your business you have an opportunity to share with the visitor your expectations while the visitor is on your site. Information shared with a visitor often includes site safety. Historically this was never done or done in a manual way where the receptionist or host would walk the visitor through a visitor induction.

Sometimes as a visitor you would be shuffled off to another room to watch a short 30 second to 5 minute video.  I have sat in many of these styles of visitor inductions over the years varying from a single A4 size piece of paper full of words to several pages including images to help explain the words, and videos to watch in a video room. The picture  below for example would be used with the words Forklifts beware – stay on the yellow pedestrian crossing.

Today we all have the opportunity to go electronic with a Visitor Management System that will allow you to build a visitor induction including all of the health & Safety information you need. One customer is in the food industry and needs to ask visitors if they have been overseas in the past 7 days followed by another question asking which country if they say yes to the initial question. Building on this you can then trigger automatic denial of access with notifications to the appropiate internal employees should the visitor indicate they have been to a country of concern for your production of food.

Design your visitor induction with images, words, videos, single choice questions, multiple choice questions, you can even build your own NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement, you are in full control of the visitor induction end result.

Book in a demonstration and we will show you how easy it is to set up your own self sign in visitor kiosk that includes your own style of visitor induction.

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