Visitor Management – what do I need from my IT team to install a visitor management system?

Setting up a visitor management solution is fairly straight forward with limited assistance required from IT. However what is required from IT is crucial to the success of the project.

Internet access – There are three common ways to provide internet to the visitor management system.

  1. Connected to the network directly – This is the most common approach, a visitor kiosk would be connected with a network cable allowing access to the internet to run the browser for the visitor management system.
  2. Wifi – This method is also very popular and mostly used when iPads are involved. Wifi does need to be good quality wifi, bad wifi can impact the experience for the visitor.
  3. 3G or 4G – This method is popular when IT do not want the system on the network or approval needs to be gained from USA or Europe head office. Adding a 3G or 4G dongle to your visitor kiosk allows instant access to the internet to get you up and running quickly.

Employee list – An employee list is required in the visitor management software so that a visitor can select the employee they are visiting. There are two ways to get an employee list into a visitor management system. Common information required is first name and last name with email address allowing the host to get an email when a visitor arrives and signs in. Many customers also add the mobile number to the employee profile where available.

  1. Active director integration (AD Sync) This is the most common method used by customers to get employees into the database, the script allows you to import only the information that you require like first name, last name and email, if you have a mobile phone number in your database this can be pushed across as well allowing the employee (host) to receive a text message when the visitor arrives. Other fields of data can also be imported where required. Once AD Sync is set up most customers set the AD Sync to sync automatically once a day removing any manual intervention going forward. Companies with multiple locations across the country or around the globe benefit a lot from an AD Sync. Some companies need permission from head office in USA or Europe to set up an AD sync and prefer to use option 2 initially.
  2. Import employee manually with a spreadsheet – You can build out our employee template spreadsheet and import your employees into the database, this method requires manual updates going forward until you move to option 1 with AD Sync.

Visitor Management Kiosk – As well as needing internet there are a couple of other items that may need the assistance of the IT department regarding the visitor management kiosk.

  1. Visitor label printer – There are two popular types of visitor label printers used globally, the DYMO 450 and the Brother QL 820 NWB. Both produce a visitor pass, the DYMO 450 at the time of writing is only USB connected to the visitor management kiosk while the Brother has built in Bluetooth allowing connection to an iPad visitor management kiosk.
  2. Bar code scanner – generally bar code scanners today are usb devices unless you have an iPad. If you are using an iPad and want to get a bar code scanner you can get specific bar code scanners for the iPad, these bar code scanners specific to the iPad are generally more expensive than a USB bar code scanner.

All other aspects of the visitor management system implementation can be managed by internal reception/admin/HR/facilities staff including visitor inductions, pre registration of visitors, contractor management, key and access control card management and much more.

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