Does retail need a visitor management system?

The Good Guys think so. 

The Good guys are in a very competitive market, one of the most competitive markets in the world today. Originally putting visitor management software in place in Essendon Head Office in Melbourne. Since the Essenden location went live several retail stores have now gone live including O,Connor, Belmont and Mandurah.

Key to the retail stores implementing a visitor management solution was the ability to collect information from vendors when they came to site to sign in through the visitor management kiosk. Time & People assisted The Good Guys retail stores to set up a series of visitor entry and exist questions asking vendors to acknowledge what they will do while on site followed by confirmation during the sign out process of what had been achieved. This information is easily collated into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Additional Features included
Other nice to have features include auto email and or SMS to the store manager and key staff on arrival of the vendor as well as detailed reporting around all the information collected through the sign in process, having the ability to create and question you want to use to collect information or any statement you need the visitor to acknowledge gives you all the flexibility you need to manage visitors compliance into your location.

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