Customer call – Can we manage regular vehicle inspections with the Visitor Management software? What the….

This one came as a surprise, My first response was I really don’t think the visitor management software has been designed to manage vehicles and the recording of inspections. We have a module that will allow the management of the keys being issued to an employee or contractor so we can electronically go back and see who was driving the vehicle 3 weeks ago at 10am on Wednesday but we do not have any way to track the servicing of the vehicles.

An existing customer needed a way to manage a dozen vehicles in the fleet, including the regular servicing of the vehicles, we chatted about the fact the the visitor management system did not have a vehicle maintenance module but the customer wanted to see if it could be done so they did not have to manage in spreadsheets. The more we talked about the problem the more we started planning how the visitor management system could be used for the management and reporting of vehicle maintenance and more.

Amazing what can be achieved when you let your mind wander outside of the norm and get creative. 

In the end it was quite simple, much simpler than I had imagined. Certainly worthy of a blog to tell others how easy it was to set up. The plan came together, our combined thoughts created the ability to not only track the servicing of the vehicles, we also built out reports and reminders to ensure vehicle inspections were never late again.


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