10 ways your Visitor Management System will help concierge manage multiple tenants

Managing multiple tenants in a single building, knowing what visitors and contractors are on site is impossible with a paper based system, the fact is most buildings don’t do any management of the visitors at all while some will manage the contractors often in a manual way.

10 ways a Visitor Contractor Management System can assist concierge with visitor and contractor management in your building?

  1. Every employee of every tenant in the building can when booking appointments in their google or outlook calendar easily have the information shared at the concierge front desk live as it happens allowing concierge to know in advance who is coming and when.
  2. Visitor management software also allows for group bookings when you have large groups including the pre printing of visitor passes
  3. Visitors can receive an email prior to the visit that includes detailed information like the address of the building, parking instructions, wifi, accomodation, local airports and more a barcode can also be included that can be swiped on arrival for fast access.
  4. Concierge can manage the issuance of access control cards and keys to visitors and contractors
  5. Every tenant can have access to reports for their tenancy.
  6. Concierge can manage contractors for the entire building/s
  7. Concierge can manage contractor compliance including inductions, insurances, qualifications and more
  8. Contractor management includes notifications of any compliance breach
  9.  Detailed reporting available for concierge and each tenant
  10. Each tenant can only see their own data while concierge can see limited data for each tenant including pre-registered visitors