Are you looking after your Lone Workers?

We now find more and more people are working alone whether it be a permanent remote locations, occupations taking workers into private homes such as doctors, health and community workers, contractors coming to site or sales representatives. These scenarios mean workers are away from other colleagues or other people with no immediate assistance, therefore increasing workplace hazards and risks and the consequences can be more severe.
lone worker

There are some strategies and procedure you can put in place to improve lone worker safety. One is by implementing a Visitor Management System with the following features;

  1. Nominate specific employees to act as Safety Operators – these safety operators are notified by email or SMS when the employee or contractor signs in and states that they are working alone. They can also be asked how long they are due to be on-site and if they don’t sign out at the expected time the safety operator will be notified once again so they can check in on the lone worker.
  2. Set up Lone Worker questions at sign in – whether the worker signs in at a kiosk or offsite on their mobile you can capture presence data like working alone status, duration onsite, purpose of visit and area/zone they are working in.
  3. Lone Worker Geolocation Tracking – using a feature of Visitor Management called WolMobile an employee or contractor can activate Geolocation tracking which allows the organisation to view their presence on a Google map. This can be viewed via a dashboard.
  4. Lone Worker Notifications – communicate any safety information you may need to in a pop-up message that the lone worker must acknowledge when signing in.

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