Multi Tenant Visitor Management System functionality will change the way you manage multiple tenants.

As more time goes buy and more customers come on board using visitor management systems the functionality of visitor management systems must continue to evolve. Here is our most significant feature update for 2017 – Concierge desk management for multiple tenants. We have many customers managing multiple tenants in a single building, up until recently it was a little awkward and time consuming managing multiple tenants in the one building through the visitor management system.

Any concierge person given the correct access to the visitor management system can now sign in visitors for any tenant in the building, each tenant must have their own account. Every tenant can pre-register visitors coming to the location giving the concierge desk visibility of all visitors coming into the building from a central concierge desk. Some customers have turned on the feature to only allow pre-registered visitors to sign in stopping cold callers or marketers trying to get in the door. If you are not pre-registered you will not get in if this feature is turned on.

Setting up a visitor management system concierge desk kiosk will increase security of all people coming into the building including visitors, contractors and can even include the presence of employees on site for evacuation purposes.


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