Visitor Management software integrated with Brivo Access Control

Brivo Access Control is one of the first access control systems to go cloud, what does that mean that your access control, is in the cloud? The simple answer is everything becomes easier with better access control data and easier access to access control data, more mobility and flexibility.

Imagine if you could reduce the cost of your access control system by the cost of the access control cards only, what would this cost be to your business. Technology is moving and you can now access a building with your mobile phone, no card required. This is Brivo Cloud Access Control. I have spoken to customers who pay as much as $50 per access control card, multiply this by 500 employees and this is a massive cost. I have been in buildings where the cost of lost cards annually exceeds $10,000….how many cards do you lose annually and what is the cost to your business. Many customers tell me how employees could have 3,4 or 5 cards in their desk. The employee comes in Monday and forgot the card so gets issued a temporary card. I have been in an office on Monday morning where the security team issue 50+ cards every Monday to staff who have forgotten cards. These cards have a cost and many are sitting in draws.

What if your building did not need access control cards and the associated costs?

What problems does Brivo Access Control solve for you?

  • Manage entry into your buildings remotely so when your employees forget their access cards, you can allow entry from anywhere
  • Using Brivo gives you the freedom to work where you please, while being able to run access for your business from one central location
  • Give the convenience of mobile access to your employees and customers so they can enter your sites with just their smartphone
  • Spend less time managing your security, and more time running your business

How does Brivo Access Control work with Visitor Management software? – This is a great question, why would you integrate access control with a visitor management software solution? The number one answer to this question is an evacuation report for the building that includes all employees, visitors and contractors who are currently on site. Typically access control systems do a good job with employees but visitors and contractors even if issued an access control card can be hit and miss. Integrating Brivo Access Control with Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software allows you to build out the ultimate and most accurate evacuation report for your building/s

Brivo’s mission is to provide commercial physical security solutions that are simpler and better than any other technology on the market. To us, that means making the best access control systems in the world at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

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